Friendly API Autotesting

Ply is simply a more intuitive way to automate REST and GraphQL API testing.

Graphical, flow-driven test suites


Visual, side-by-side results



  • Ply works over HTTP and doesn't care what platform your API runs on
  • Three different types of test artifacts: Requests, Flows, and Cases
  • Expected results are YAML files, compared with actual results during verification
  • Auto-generate result files by capturing actual good responses
  • Reference environment values and/or upstream response props using template expressions
  • Built-in GraphQL support providing the same intuitive workflow as REST
  • The ply-demo project illustrates best practices
  • Import Ply requests from Postman collections
  • Augment OpenAPI specs with example requests/responses and code snippets from Ply autotests
  • Test artifacts are simply files that can be committed to version control systems such as Git


  • Install Ply's VS Code extension
  • Request editor for intuitive creation of reusable Ply requests
  • Graphical flow builder makes it easy to sequence requests
  • Side-by-side diff view compares expected/actual, with smart decorations aware of runtime values
  • Command-line interface for integrating into CI/CD pipelines
  • Decorations on your Ply test flows and files display test statuses and results
  • Ply sidebar shows all Ply flow/request/case suites along with their statuses
  • CodeLens links in your Ply test files for running and debugging tests