Augment API docs

If your API is implemented in TypeScript, you can use the Ply CLI to enhance the quality of OpenAPI samples by leveraging your Ply requests and responses. Ply will also add code snippets in TypeScript, Python and Java under the Redoc x-codeSamples Swagger extension.

ply --openapi=nestjs openapi/movies.yaml

Here movies.yaml is augmented with samples and snippets from Ply requests.

An API endpoint method implementation can be tied to its respective Ply request/response through the @ply JSDoc tag:

 * Create a movie.
 * Add a movie with its details to the collection.
 * @ply
 *   request: test/requests/movies-api.ply#createMovie
 *   responses:
 *     201: test/requests/movies-api.ply#createMovie
 *     400: test/requests/movie-validations.ply#postBadYear

As a bonus, if the OpenAPI summary and description for this POST operation are empty in movies.yaml, Ply will set summary to ‘Create a movie’ and description to ‘Add a movie with its details to the collection’.

Java API implementations

Now there’s a Java annotation-based implementation of Ply’s OpenAPI augmentation, so Spring REST APIs can take advantage of this as well:

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