The Ply Testkube executor is available in Docker Hub at plyct/ply-testkube:1.2.1.

Create Ply Testkube executor

kubectl testkube create executor --image plyct/ply-testkube:1.0.2 --types ply-ct/test --name ply-executor

Or use the Testkube dashboard: Testkube Executor

Create Ply test

kubectl testkube create test --name ply-demo --type ply-ct/test --git-uri https://github.com/ply-ct/ply-demo.git

Run Ply test

kubectl testkube run test ply-demo --args "values-files=test/values/global.json,test/values/ply-ct.json npmInstall=true"

Some of these tests will fail because you’re not allowed to post updates to ply-ct.org.
To run specific Ply tests:

kubectl testkube run test ply-demo --args "values-files=test/values/global.json,test/values/ply-ct.json test-files=test/requests/movie-queries.ply.yaml,test/flows/get-movies.ply.flow"

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